1997 – Sand & Gold – Remember My Name

Debut album of duo Pete Sandberg and Jonas Reingold. Pete was born in Norway and at that time he lived in Malmö, Sweden, where he met Jonas. Sandberg had recorded with Madison (where he replaced his friend Göran Edman), Alien and Von Rosen. Besides his busy work in other projects Pete recorded this critically much acclaimed album with Jonas.

Kee Marcello [Easy Action, Europe, K2] made a guest appearance and played some quite kicking guitars. For the single “Remember My Name” an excellent video was shot.

Both Jonas and Pete were involved in other projects, but eventually became very good friends and wanted to start a band that they could put all their energy into: Midnight Sun. This new band was originally formed in the summer of 1996, they released their debutalbum “Another World” in 1997.

This album Remember My Name is far from the edgy hard rock and metal that Midnight Sun was preparing, instead you will find lots of acoustic guitars mixed with electric, many Wurlitzer keyboards, relaxed drumming / percussion and where, of course, Sandberg’s voice is ‘the big star’ on the record. Also check out this audio clip of the title track.


  1. Sha Na Na
  2. Remember My Name
  3. Fishermans Creek
  4. When The Hammer Falls
  5. The Place  (String arrangement by Jonas Reingold)
  6. Brooklyn Town
  7. Never Walk Alone
  8. Patricia
  9. Back On The Road
  10. Searching
  11. Slow It Down
  12. Crossroads  (String arrangement by Jonas Reingold/Hakan Andersson)
  • Pete Sandberg – Lead and Backing Vocals
  • Jonas Reingold – Electric Bass, Contrabass, Keyboards, Additional Programming, Backing Vocals
Additional musicians:
  • Kee Marcello – Slide Guitar (Track 3), Solo Guitar (Track 11)
  • Johan Glossner – Guitar
  • Rasmus Khilberg – Drums
  • Tomas Pettersson – Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Wurlitzer
  • Inger Ohlén – Backing Vocals
  • Tomas Nyberg – Backing Vocals
  • Maria P. Rodrick – Strings (Track 5 and 12)
  • Pontus Bjork  – Strings (Track 5 and 12)
  • Henrik Lowen – Backing Vocals
  • Torbjorn Helander – Strings (Track 12)
  • Hakan Westlund – Strings (Track 12)
All songs written by Sandberg/Reingold, except track 3 (Jan-Olof Johnsson) and track 11 (Inger Ohlén/Jonas Reingold/Pete Sandberg). Produced and arranged by Jonas Reingold,