1997 – Midnight Sun – Another World

In 1996 Jonas formed the band Midnight Sun together with Pete Sandberg and Anders “Theo” Theander. This debut album Another World received enormous reviews in the rock media in Japan. Eventually the band would release 4 albums and disband in 2001. On all albums Jonas wrote 99% of the music.

This album is power metal at its core and the music goes from cold and aggressive to warm and mesmerizing. There is an obvious 1980’s vibe going on, something that most of the other 1990’s bands just ditched for some reason. The ballads (4, 6, 9, 10 and 12) are really enchanting and all have a beautiful synth sound and luscious jazzy bass lines by Jonas. Pete’s vocals here sound mature, no forcing and no effects, just lush and soulful.


  1. Another World  (1:54)
  2. No Way Out  (3:46)
  3. Moneymaker  (4:15)
  4. Over And Over  (3:14)
  5. All I Want  (3:41)
  6. Looking for Love  (4:38)
  7. Black Night  (3:46)
  8. Hold Me Back  (4:19)
  9. On ‘n On   (3:58)
  10. Power of Greed  (3:57)
  11. Front-Page News  (4:14)
  12. Deep in My Heart  (4:31)
  13. Name of Love  (3:51)
  14. Deep in My Herat (Instrumental/Bonus)  (4:27)
  15. Fire Still Burns (Bonus)  (2:50)
  • Pete Sandberg – Vocals
  • Chris Palm – Guitar
  • Jonas Reingold – Bass
  • Anders ‘Theo’ Theander – Drums
  • Mike D – Keyboards

All music by Jonas Reingold, words by Pete Sandberg, except (9) by J-O Jonsson. Produced and engineered by Jonas Reingold and Anders Theander. Released by Alpha Music/Brunette (Japan) and by Point (Europe).




Chris, Jonas, Pete, Mike, Anders