1999 – Pete Sandberg – Push

Second solo album of Pete Sandberg (first one was ‘Back In Business [1998]’). Pete invited his friend Sven Cirnski whom he met in the band ‘Snake Charmer’ and who plays in ‘Bad Habit’ now (also with drummer Jaime Salazar). This album is very personal, mainly because Sandberg just had divorced from his wife.

The music can be compared with King’s X or Nickelback.

  1. Machine
  2. Save Our Souls
  3. Strung Out
  4. Believe
  5. Love Hurts
  6. Enough Is Enough
  7. Taking Your Time
  8. Crying
  9. Self Control
  10. Respect
  11. Captured By Heart
  12. Dirty Dog
  13. Push
  14. L.O.V.E. (Bonus Track)
  • Pete Sandberg – Vocals
  • Sven Cirnski – Guitars
  • Jens Lundahl – Bass
  • Jaime Salazar – Drums
Additional musicians:
  • Jonas Reingold – Fretless bass (on one track), Cello transcription
  • Berit Hessing – Cello
Produced, mastered and mixed by Björn Dahlberg, co-produced by Sven Cirnsky and Hal Johnston. Released by Avalon in Japan only.