2001 – Kaipa – Notes From The Past

First album of reincarnated edition of swedish 70’s progrock giants. Outstanding musicianship with a twist of Styx. The Flower Kings was more or less founded out of the ashes of Kaipa and on this album Roine Stolt is re-united with Hans Lundin, accompanied by Jonas on bass, drum madman Ågren and Lundström on vocals.

Lundström adds a nice flavour to the tracks that sound very much like The Flower Kings and he illustrates what a great singer he is. Lundin introduces the immortal mellotron as well as some more vintage sounds and the rhythm section is quite brilliant and clear. The harmonic interaction between Stolt’s guitar and Lundin’s keys is great all over the album.

  1. Notes From The Past Part I
  2. Night-Bike-Ride (On Lilac Street)
  3. Mirrors Of Yesterday
  4. Leaving The Horizon
  5. In The Space Of A Twinkle
  6. Folke’s Final Decision
  7. The Name Belongs To You
  8. Second Journey Inside The Green Glass
  9. A Road In My Mind
  10. Morganism
  11. Notes From The Past Part II
  • Patrik Lundström – Lead vocals
  • Hans Lundin – Synthesizer, piano, hammond, vocals, mellotron
  • Roine Stolt – Guitars
  • Jonas Reingold – Fretless & fretted bass
  • Morgan Ågren – Drums
 Additional Musicians:
  • Aleena Gibson and Tove Törn Lundin – Additional vocals
Produced by Hans Lundin. Released by InsideOut.
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