2003 – The Tangent – The Music That Died Alone

Originally a solo project of Parallel Or 90 Degrees’ vocalist / keyboard player Andy Tillison, with help of Roine Stolt (Flower Kings). In the end it grew into a long distance collaboration between swedes and brits in the project The Tangent with 47 mins of progrock. Excellent, beautiful, complex and inspiring music.

Classical Hammond, dazzling synthloops, a tight rhythm section (Jonas and Zoltan Csörsz), Stolt’s strong and recognizable guitar, and playful flute and saxophone; the sound of the 70’s connected with the sound of the future!

  1. In Darkest Dreams
  2. The Canterbury Sequence
  3. Up-Hill From Here
  4. The Music That Died Alone
  • Andy Tillison – Organ, synthesizer, piano, keyboards, vocals
  • Roine Stolt – Guitar, vocals
  • Sam Baine – Piano
  • Jonas Reingold – Bass
  • Zoltan Csörsz – Drums
  • David Jackson – Saxophone, flute
  • Guy Manning – Additonal guitar, mandolin & vocals

Produced by Jonas Reingold, Andy Tillison and Roine Stolt. Released by InsideOut.

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