2003 – Tomas Bodin – Sonic Boulevard

Tomas’ follow up to his successful solo-album Pinup Guru. His trademark progrock keys are evident but this time jazz fusion makes a much stronger presence. At times you even think of bands like Return To Forever. The songs are very tasteful and there are vocals without lyrics.

The music is very symphonic and very well produced Jonas and his other Flower Kings band mates appear once again but Tomas still manages to keep his own imprint on the sound. Overall the album is very enjoyable and you will listen to over and over again to discover even more each time.

  1. The Prayer
  2. The Hero From Cloud City
  3. Back To The Africa Garden
  4. Pictures
  5. Walkabout
  6. The Horses From Zaad
  7. A Beautiful Mind
  8. The Happy Frog
  9. Morning Will Come
  10. The Night Will Fall
  • Tomas Bodin – Keyboards, synthesizers
  • Anders Hansson – Vocals
  • J.J. Marsh – Guitar
  • Roine Stolt – Guitar
  • Jonas Reingold – Bass
  • Hans Bruniusson – Percussion
  • Zoltan Csörsz – Drums
  • Jonas Knutsson – Soprano sax
  • Ulf Artan Wallander – Soprano sax
Produced by Tomas Bodin, mixing by Jonas Reingold. Released by InsideOut.

Tomas Bodin


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