2005 – Flower Kings – Brimstoned In Europe

This album represents The Flower Kings’ April 2005 Circus Brimstone European tour. On this album four members of The Flower Kings Mark 2005 showcase their finest instrumental work in 7 tracks. This album is also the first official recording of new Flower Kings drummer Marcus Liliequist!

  1. Cosmic Lodge
  2. Astral Dog/ Hellhound
  3. Circus Brimstone
  4. The Man Who Walked With Kings
  5. Magic Circus Of Zeb
  6. Speed Wizard/ Marcus’ Drum solo
  7. Retropolis
Line up:
  • Roine Stolt – Guitars
  • Tomas Bodin – Keyboards
  • Jonas Reingold – Bass, bass pedals
  • Marcus Liliequist – Drums

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