2005 – Kaipa – Mindrevolutions

Third album of the ‘new’ Kaipa. Pure symphonic pleasure that totals 80 mins. Just discover new sounds every time again you listen to it, this one really grows on you. Patrik Lundström’s voice is impressive from start to finish (at times he sounds like Freddie Mercury) and Aleena’s singing is a great addition to the album.

And the performance of Jonas, Roine and Hans simply exceed their former two albums in harmony, songwriting, density and virtuosity. This is another ‘must-have’ for anyone who is into this music.

  1. The Dodger
  2. Electric Leaves
  3. Shadows Of Time
  4. A Pair Of Sunbeams
  5. Mindrevolutions
  6. Flowing Free
  7. Last Free Indian
  8. Our Deepest Inner Shore
  9. Timebomb
  10. Remains Of The Day
  • Hans Lundin – Keyboards & vocals
  • Roine Stolt – Electric & acoustic guitars, percussion & vocals
  • Jonas Reingold: Fretless & Yamaha custom basses
  • Morgan Ågren – Drums
  • Patrik Lundström – Lead vocals
  • Aleena Gibson – Lead vocals

Released by Inside Out Music.

Also visit their website for more information.



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