2005 – Jonas Reingold Trio

In 2005 Jonas formed a jazz trio with Lalle Larsson (keys) and Marcus Liliequist (drums). The latter just had become the new drummer of The Flower Kings and would record some albums with them. Marcus later also would record with Tomas Bodin and Karmakanic’s In A Perfect World (2011).

At that time Jonas had not recorded with Lalle Larsson, but later they would cooperate closely in several albums for Jonas’ Karmakanic and Agents of Mercy, 3rd World Electric, Lalle’s Weaveworld and Anderson/Stolt.

Jonas has played on numerous studio and live albums in the styles of AOR, classic rock, heavy metal and progressive/symphonic rock. But he has not recorded many albums in his other favorite style: jazz. Okay, Anatoly Bulkin’s Initiation came close, as well as Sweden Bass Orchestra – from the beginning of his career – and 3rd World Electric with Roine Stolt and Lalle.

In 2005 Jonas, Lalle and Marcus got an invitation from Bass ‘N Drum festival in Stockholm and that’s what this video recording is about. There are 3 improvisations where all three musicians show their craftsmanship. Enjoy these recordings.