2007 – Kaipa – Angling Feelings

Angling Feelings is the ninth studio release of Kaipa and their fourth in their ‘second life’. It’s also the first one without guitar player Roine Stolt (Flower Kings). Jonas plays bass on all tracks. New guitar player Per Nilsson (from metalband Scar Symmetry) throws in some slow and fast notes but does not add anything new to Stolt’s tasteful guitar playing.

Nevertheless this album rocks, has got beautiful instrumental parts, vocals and flutes. Whether a song lasts for 4 or 12 minutes, they never get poor or dull.

  1. Angling Feelings (6:43)
  2. The Glorious Silence Within (7:16)
  3. The Fleeting Existence of Time (12:34)
  4. Pulsation (4:02)
  5. Liquid Holes in the Sky (4:42)
  6. Solitary Pathway (4:06)
  7. Broken Chords (6:24)
  8. Path of Humbleness (9:30)
  9. Where’s the Captain? (4:25)
  10. This Ship of Life (4:40)
Line up:
  • Patrik Lundström – Vocals
  • Aleena Gibson – Vocals
  • Per Nilsson – Guitar
  • Jonas Reingold – Bass
  • Hans Lundin – Keyboards, Vocals
  • Morgan Ågren – Drums
  • Special guest – Fredrik Lindqvist – Recorders & whistles (Tracks 1, 2, 8, 9 & 10)

Also visit their website for more information.



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