2008 – Sven Cirnski’s Truth – Machine

Jonas knew Sven Cirnski from Pete Sandberg’s album Push and his recording and production work for Bad Habit. So Jonas was asked by Sven to lend a hand for his first solo album Machine. Jonas also plays bass on some tracks and Jaime Salazar (drums) is well-known because of his cooperation with Jonas in The Flower Kings, Karmakanic, Tangent, Midnight Sun and some others.

Sven also played on several albums of Bad Habit. The style of this album is blues-rock and Sven is playing in the style of Hendrix, Satriani and similar. The style of the songs is mostly retro bluesrock but there are also some influenced by bands like Soundgarden and Rage Against The Machine.

Singer David Fremberg (who has recorded with Andromeda) has a soul-powered, melodic sound and he really adds power to Sven’s music. All together this is a nice album released by Grooveyard Records who have a fine reputation in putting original guitar players in the spotlight. Jonas added his trademark fretless bass sound to Heavy Rain, where Fremberg sounds as David Coverdale in the quiet parts.


  1. Freedom [3:00]
  2. Respect [3:52]
  3. Over And Over [3:36]
  4. Generation Stupid [3:24]
  5. Machine [3:13]
  6. Hold Out [4:41]
  7. Stand In Line [4:36]
  8. Angel [4:23]
  9. Can I Be Forgiven [2:47]
  10. Big Al [2:42]
  11. Self Control [5:17]
  12. Out Of Control [3:21]
  13. High And Low [4:21]
  14. Tormented [3:52]
  15. Heavy Rain [6:53]


  • Sven Cirnski – Guitar, backing vocals, bass (14)
  • David Fremberg – Vocals
  • Jens Lundahl – Bass
  • Jaime Salazar – Drums


  • Jonas Reingold – Bass (10), additional bass (14), fretless bass (15 intro), keyboards (13)
  • Inger Ohlén – Additional vocals (15)

Produced by Jonas Reingold & Sven Cirnski. Recorded at Reingold Studios. Released by Grooveyard Records.