2008 – Inferno, A Progressive Rock Epic

Jonas plays bass as a guest musician with progressive / symphonic band Yesterdays from Hungary/Romania on one track for the Progressive rock project Inferno. The track is on 3 CD set that is based on the first cantica of the Italian Epic Poem “The Divine Comedy” from Dante’s Inferno.

All keyboards used on the songs will be original 70’s instruments (Hammond, Mellotron, Minimoog, Clavinet, Fender Rhoades etc.) or be emulated with the best technology of today (no drum machines or programming is allowed!) and an early 70’s atmosphere is preferred (Genesis, Yes, EL&P, VDGG, etc.). The bands participating in the project come from all around the world.

Finnish prog magazine Colossus regularly commissions bands/artists to provide tracks based on a central theme. Past projects have included The Spaghetti Epic (based on spaghetti westerns), The Colossus Of Rhodes, The 7 Samurai, and Treasure Island. Tracks must be original, and must use vintage instrumentation (no programming, drum machines. etc.). Inferno will feature 34 pieces by just as many artists of about 7 minutes in length, covering each of the 34 “cantos” of Dante’s epic.

Line up of Yesterdays:

  • Stucz Timea – vocals
  • Kozma Kis Emese – flute
  • Bogáti-Bokor Ákos – guitar, vocals, keyboards
  • Enyedi Zsolt – keyboards
  • Jonas Reingold – bass guitar
  • David Speight – drums
Released by Colossus and french Musea Records, October 2008. Check out the website of Yesterdays or the website of Colossus, with all details about the project.

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