2008 – Tomas Bodin – Cinematograaf

A new fascinating concept album by Flower Kings keyboardist Bodin on which he plays with sounds and structures of cinema/movie music. In fact Tomas has had a long career in writing music for cinema and movies and his previous releases also has tended to focus on a different aspect of his broad musical inspirations. This album is made up of three long instrumental tracks joined together with all manner of weather sound effects. Jonas plays bass on all tracks.

The music tends to be generating the feeling of riding a craft on an ocean of music. The music moves you through all manner of emotional ups-and-downs all the while creating a melancholic soundtrack that is clearly linked to the Ed Unitsky designed cover art showing an old styled movie house with people not-so-coincidentally watching an ocean scene on the screen. If you look at the bottom of the screen you see the water coming off the screen about to wash over those in the audience.

The music is full of imageries and movements that ressemble many moods and shifts of some screenplay. It is dramatic, symphonic, and even a bit haunting, but through it all there are these gorgeous, lovely melodic themes that just play on your mind after hearing them. The music is very enjoyable and performed very well. Those who have followed Tomas will enjoy this instrumental prog album.

  1. An Ocean In Between  (13:50)
  2. A Spanish Ballerina In Love  (19:31)
  3. Six Six Six  (18:34)
  • Tomas Bodin – All keyboards
  • Marcus Liliequist – Drums
  • Jonas Reingold – Bass
  • Johan Glössner – Guitar
  • Ulf Wallander – Saxophone

Also check out his website for more information.



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