2008 – Lalle Larsson – Seven Deadly Pieces DVD

This DVD is a concert for chamber orchestra and electric guitars in seven movements, based on the seven deadly sins. It was recorded and in Helsingborg, Sweden in October 2002 with help from members of the metal band Darkane. this magical live event is presented as seven differently themed videos reflecting the traits of each sin. Jonas does not perform, only in the bonus material with Karmakanic.

Additional material is a special in-depth 50 min documentary about Lalle Larsson and his music and interviews with Lalle, guitarist Richard Hallebeek, drummer Sebastiaan Cornelissen, and Jonas Reingold. There is also 20 minutes exclusive concert footage with Karmakanic in Europe and at the Philadelphia RosFest.

The disc has nearly 4 hours of material and is presented in an exclusive digipack with a slipcase and a 28 page booklet with great artwork. Check out Lalle’s website (with order information) or his Facebook, which contains several video clips of this show.

Line up:
  • Lalle Larsson (piano & keyboard)
  • Niklas Fredin (trumpet & flugelhorn)
  • Jan Karlsson (electric bass & Acoustic bass)
  • Christofer Malmström (electric guitar)
  • Stefan Rosqvist (electric guitar)
  • Peter Wildoer (drums)
  • Johan Bridger (marimba & vibraphone)
  • Thomas Widlund (marimba & vibraphone)
  • Daniel Pålsson (percussion)
  • Jonas Holmberg (percussion)
  • Paul Slawic (violin 1)
  • Kristina Gustavsson (violin 2)
  • AnnaKarin Holm (viola)
  • Marit Sjödin (cello)
  • Malin Petersson (flute)



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