2008 – Karmakanic – Who’s The Boss In The Factory

Happy, intelligent, positive and melodic progressive rock that can compete with the best albums around. Virtuous soloing, wonderful vocals and backing, solid and complex Csörsz/Reingold rhythms. But also melancholy and some dark and moody parts, this album has it all again. The two-part song Eternally is straight from Jonas’ heart and is about the recent death of his parents. His sad sad feelings are reflected so heartbreakingly.

  1. Send A Message From The Heart (19:28)
  2. Let In Hollywood (4:53)
  3. Who’s The Boss In The Factory (13:04)
  4. Two Blocks From The Edge (9:51)
  5. Eternally Part I (1:51)
  6. Eternally Part II (6:21)
  • Goran Edman – Lead vocals
  • Jonas Reingold – Electric and frettless bass, guitar, keyboards
  • Lalle Larsson – Piano, lead keyboards
  • Krister Jonsson – Electric and acoustic guitar
  • Zoltan Csorsz – Drums
  • Tomas Bodin – Keyboards
  • Sven Cirnsky – Solo guitar on ‘Let In Hollywood’ and ‘Who’s The Boss..’
  • Rob Palmen, Alex Reingold, Inger Ohlen Reingold – Backing vocals
  • Lelo Nika – Accordion
  • Andy Tillison – Hammond organ, Moog synths
  • Theo Travis – Saxophone
  • Andetag – Women’s choir
  • Malmo String Ensemble