2009 – 3rd World Electric – Kilimanjaro Secret Brew

Kilimanjaro Secret Brew was the first album of 3rd World Electric; a fusion project of Jonas and Roine Stolt. The other band members are Lalle Larson and Zoltan Czörsz but also Karl-Martin Almqvist on sax, Ayi Solomon on percussion and Dave Weckl on drums. Some of the bands that have influenced Jonas and Roine here, are early Weather Report, Return To Forever and Mahavishnu Orchestra.

All bands in which each musician was a master on his own instrument. And exactly that is what Third World Electric is about: excellent musicianship, stellar compositions and brilliant performances.

In the Summer of 2008 Jonas and Roine got together to work on some ideas to record a fusion, or also called: jazz-rock, album. Both musicians have been attracted by this music style since they started to play music and it seemed to be a good moment to make plans for a release. They recruited some guest musicians, among which top drummer Dave Weckl from the USA.

  1. Waterfront Migration (Stolt)
  2. Ode To Joe (Stolt)
  3. Capetown Traffic (Reingold)
  4. Downbeat Dakar (Reingold)
  5. The Lava Juggler (Reingold)
  6. Kilimanjaro Secret Brew (Stolt)
  7. Tincan Robots (Stolt)
  8. Children Of The Future (Stolt)
  • Roine Stolt – Guitars, Rhodes, Minimoog, Clavinet, Percussion
  • Jonas Reingold – Fender & Warmoth Basses, Additional Synth
  • Lalle Larsson – Piano, Rhodes & Synth
  • Karl-Martin Almqvist – Tenor & Soprano Saxophones
  • Dave Weckl – Drums
  • Zoltan Czörsz – Drums
  • Ayi Solomon – Congas, Shakers & Percussion
The first edition of the album is a LTD digipack with a 55 minutes of music and a 16 pages book. Buy this album.