2009 – An Endless Sporadic

An exceptional progrock album from 2009 by guitar/keyboard virtuoso Zach Kamins and exceptional drummer Andy Gentile. After hearing an EP from 2008 Roine Stolt and Jonas decided to lend their talents. So Roine produced their debut album while Jonas added his beautiful and signature jazzy bass playing, fretted and fretless.

The album can be considered as a suite, themes are repeated in the songs, Some songs are heavy, some acoustic or jazzy, others are just epic symphonic. Just an undiscovered gem that only lasts for 33 minutes.


  1. Waking Hours
  2. From The Blue
  3. Point Of No Return
  4. Shell
  5. Treading Water
  6. The Triangular Race Through Space
  7. Eternal Bloom
  8. Subliminal Effect
  9. Beyond The Horizon


  • Zach Kamins – Keyboards, guitars
  • Jonas Reingold – Fretted & fretless bass
  • Andy Gentile – Drums

Producing and mixing engineer: Roine Stolt, recording engineer: Jonas Reingold.