2009 – Lalle Larsson’s Weaveworld

Weaveworld is the brainchild of Swedish keyboard virtuoso Lalle Larsson. An emotive soundscape of dark symphonic classical music, heartfelt romanticism within a framework of progrock and heavy rock. Weaveworld was produced by Jonas and offers a startingly original, high octane union of adventurous compositions and hard hitting production values.

Larsson says: “This is the solo album that I have heard in my head ever since I was 17 years old but haven’t had the chance to record until now. I am so proud of this album, I think this is the best stuff I’ve done so far. A natural follow up to the Seven Deadly Pieces DVD, which was kinda like a diary over ten years.” Jonas also plays tastefully bass pieces throughout the album. Get it !!


  1. Marionette  (7:34)
  2. Dance Of The Dead  (7:47)
  3. Newborn Awakening  (8:59)
  4. Adagio (theme from Tomaso Albinosis)  (7:15)
  5. Weaveworld  (14:46)


  • Lalle Larsson – Acoustic & electric keyboards
  • Richard Hallebeek – Guitar
  • Stefan Rosqvist – Guitar
  • Jonas Reingold – Bass
  • Mickael Wahlgren – Drums

All songs written and arranged by Lalle Larsson

Mixed & Produced by Jonas Reingold and Lalle Larsson. Released by Reingold Records.



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