2010 Kaipa – In The Wake Of Evolution

The 10th album of Kaipa continues where number 9 has left but adds a little extra. Stronger compositions and melodies, the singing is stronger overall and guitarist Per Nilsson has grown and shows how to lay down tasteful melodies. Mastermind Hans Lundin is still at the height of his powers and Jonas still does his wonderful job as always and cements all parts to a whole. This is a breathtaking journey and truly a highlight of 2010.

The music again is very positive, experimental sometimes but always cohesive, intellectually stimulating, catchy and engaging. Kaipa embodies this feeling of progressiveness on their 10th album. It’s a fascinating ride and again a must-have for those who like this emotional, powerful folk style.


  1. In The Wake Of Evolution [10.57]
  2. In The Heart Of Her Own Magic Field [5:12]
  3. Electric Power Water Notes [17:51]
  4. Folkia’s First Decision [2:33]
  5. The Words Are Like Leaves [5:36]
  6. Arcs Of Sound [8:22]
  7. Smoke From A Secret Source [9:24]
  8. The Seven Oceans Of Our Mind [10:09]


  • Patrik Lundström – Lead Vocals
  • Aleena Gibson – Lead Vocals
  • Hans Lundin – Keyboards, Synthesizers
  • Per Nilsson – Guitar
  • Jonas Reingold – Bass
  • Morgan Ågren – Drums

Guest musicians:

  • Fredrik Lindqvist – Recorders
  • Elin Rubinsztein – Violin

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