2010 – Karmakanic and Agents of Mercy – Live USA

The Power of Two was a joint-venture between Karmakanic and Agents Of Mercy in 2009. Why would two forces in music work seperately while it’s more powerful to work together? In Autum 2009 both bands went on tour in Europe and USA playing two different repertoires performed by one single group. This live album has been recorded during the shows in the USA and represents the finest songs from both bands.

Because Karmakanic drummer Zoltan could not join the US shows, Nick D’Virgillio (Spocks Beard) replaced him. He blended in perfectly, after rehearsing three hours of material in just 6 hours, and made it sound like they had been playing together for weeks.

  1. The Fading Ghosts Of Twilight  [8:21]
  2. Heroes and Beacons  [10:00]
  3. Jesus On The Barricades  [6:31]
  4. Where Earth Meets The Sky  [14:43]
  5. Do U Tango?  [8:39]
  6. Lalle’s Solo  [5:46]
  7. Eternally  [10:01]
  8. Afterglow  [6:36]
Line up:
  • Göran Edman – Lead Vocals
  • Nad Sylvan – Lead Vocals, Keyboard
  • Jonas Reingold – Basses, Backing Vocals
  • Roine Stolt: Guitar, Keyboard, Backing Vocals
  • Lalle Larsson – Keyboards
  • Nick D’Virgilio – Drums