2011 – Karmakanic – In A Perfect World

The fourth Karmakanic album with again evident Flower Kings reminiscences, but also with noticeable Yes influence in several parts, mostly for the vocals and bass sound. Another pure symphonic progressive rock release of the highest level. Be ready for this seven-track album and enjoy almost one hour of this first-class Swedish music.

There’s a bonus track and a video documentary called Send A Message From The Heart. A true masterpiece in modern prog, mood changes, heavy and sweet.

Nils Erikson debuts with Karmakanic on this album. He is also born in Malmö and three years older than Jonas. He’s a composer, producer, writer and sound engineer and he sings, and plays keyboards and percussion. As a solo artist Nils has released six solo albums in various genres, received two Grammy nominations and wrote film and choral music.

When you love arrangements in which tempos change suddenly, dynamics shift, new melodies are introduced well into a given song, and solos are constructed around rapidly played arpeggios, then you’ll love this album.


  1. 1969  (14:12)
  2. Turn It Up  (6:53)
  3. When The World Is Caving In  (8:58)
  4. Can’t Take It With You  (5:42)
  5. There’s Nothing Wrong With The World  (7:22)
  6. Bite The Grit  (4:57)
  7. When Fear Came To Town  (9:54)
  8. Turn It Up (Radio Edit)  (4:39)  (Bonus track)
  9. Send A Message From The Heart  (22:34)  (Bonus track)


  • Jonas Reingold – fretted & fretless bass, backing vocals
  • Göran Edman – vocals
  • Krister Jonsson – guitars
  • Marcus Liliequist – drums
  • Lalle Larsson – keyboards, backing vocals
  • Nils Erikson – vocals, keyboards

Published by Inside Out Music.