2005-2011 Bad Habit

Hal Marabel (guitars / keyboards) founded Bad Habit in 1986 in Lund (near Malmö, Sweden). They created 7 albums between 1988 and 2011 and their style is a mix of 1980’s hardrock and AOR. Their main influences came from bands like Journey, Toto, VanHalen and Boston but also from other genres such as blues and classical music.

  • 1988 – Young And Innocent (6-track EP)
  • 1989 – After Hours
  • 1995 – Revolution
  • 1998 – Adult Orientation
  • 2005 – Hear-Say
  • 2009 – Above And Beyond
  • 2011 – Atmosphere

Other band members were:

  • Sven Cirnski – Guitar
  • Patrik Södergren – Bass
  • Jaime Salazar – Drums
  • Bax Fehling – Vocals

In 2005 Jonas was producer, arranger and mixer for Hear-Say and in 2009 he mixed Above And Beyond and produced and arranged the album together with Hal Marabel. Their 2011 album Atmosphere was mixed and engineered by Jonas and it is considered as their best album. On these three albums Jonas has certainly put his stamp on their music with a more solid and fuller sound than before.

Check out the video of one of their singles I Don’t Want You below.