2013 – The Tangent – Le Sacre Du Travail

At the end of 2012 band leader Andy Tillison said that he had to disband his project The Tangent due to financial and health issues. But nothing is permanent, and everything changes. So, in 2013 he decided to go and work on a concept album because for a long time he wanted to write something in the style of Purple’s Concerto For Group And OrchestraThe Five Bridges Suite (Keith Emerson) or The Snow Goose (Camel).

The result is certainly ambitious, there are 5 movements with symphonic neo-progressive rock that tell about modern 21st century rituals of work, the journey in the chaos of the morning rush hour, on to the afternoon and night, where TV shows fill our lives. Jonas delivers some truly groovy rhythms that get your feet moving and the guitar lines and solos of Jakko Jakkszyk are very impressive throughout the album. Tillison’s life has been a rollercoaster but he managed to deliver an album that never gets boring and never gets pretentious. Just give it a try and buy this masterpiece.


  1. 1st Movement: Coming Up on the Hour (Overture) (5:55)
  2. 2nd Movement: Morning Journey & Arrival (22:54)
  3. 3rd Movement: Afternoon Malaise (19:20)
  4. 4th Movement: A Voyage Through Rush Hour (3:07)
  5. 5th Movement: Evening TV (12:06)

Bonus tracks:

  1. Muffled Ephiphany (4:05)
  2. Hat (Live at Mexborough School 1979) (1:16)
  3. Evening TV (Radio Edit) (4:28)


  • Andy Tillison – Vocals, guitars & keyboards
  • Theo Travis – Saxes, flutes & clarinets
  • David Longdon – Vocals
  • Jakko Jakkszyk – Vocals & guitars
  • Gavin Harrison – Drums
  • Jonas Reingold – Bass
  • Rikard Sjöblom – Narration
  • Guy Manning – Acoustic guitar

Line-up on “Hat”:

  • Simon Albone – Bass
  • David Albone – Drums
  • Andy Tillison – All other instruments

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