2014 – Trio Of Hope

In the last decade Jonas joined a few groups that consisted of three musicians for recording or performing live. Let’s summarize: the Jonas Reingold Trio, Barracuda Triangle, The Fringe, Lalle’s Until Never and in 2014 there was Trio Of Hope, together with Roine Stolt (g) and Felix Lehrmann (dr), Well, but there’s a short story about this trio..

In 2014 Barracuda Triangle (Jonas with Tomas Bodin and Felix Lehrmann) were invited to perform live at the Crescendo Festival of Progressive Rock in Saint-Palais Sur Mer, Royan, an extremely fine festival spot near the ocean in South-West France. For over 15 years Crescendo is a free open air prog festival that takes 3 days. Just a few days prior to the show on August 22 Tomas had a bike accident, got some injuries and was ‘locked up’ in a hospital.

Jonas didn’t want to let down the festival organizers and since we’re dealing with true experienced professionals here, a solution was quickly found. Let’s quote Jonas’ own words from August 19:

“Hey, too bad with Tomas Bodin’s injury yesterday and that he can’t play together with me and Felix at the Crescendo Festival in France this weekend. But with every bad thing comes something good. The mighty Roine Stolt will fill his spot and together we will create the Trio Of Hope; love, compassion, dreams and hopefully some Rock ‘n Roll as well. What we will play? God knows but it will be interesting to throw ourselves out in the unknown.”

So with an apparently short two days of planning and a minimal time for rehearsal they gave the audience about an hour of extended jams based on themes of Karmakanic and Flowers Kings. Take a look yourself and listen to this unique one-off set of seasoned and professional musicians.

The first video below is based on Last Minute On Earth (Rainmaker, 2001), the second is a wonderful version of Rising The Imperial (Banks Of Eden, 2012) and the third is based on Stardust We Are (1997).