2014 – Barracuda Triangle – Electro Shock Therapy

Barracuda Triangle is Tomas Bodin (keyboards), Jonas Reingold (bass/guitars) and Felix Lehrmann (drums), three guys with too much creativity and energy and all are member of The Flower Kings. And Electro Shock Therapy is an all instrumental album that demonstrates their talent very well..

Can you expect Flower Kings kind of music? No, this album is an eclectic mix of heavy prog, symphonic and fusion. It’s still fairly progressive other than just going on improvising forever, there are many different ideas going through all kinds of moods. The songs seems to explore different territories while still everything falls under the umbrella of heavy fusion, the music is dramatic, dark, soft, raw and unexpected with some King Crimson inspired moments. It is actually quite different from The Flower Kings although sometimes it sounds a bit like Karmakanic.

Most of the songs have heavy keyboards creating a dark atmosphere that is tempered with the typical, addictive jazz bass sound of Jonas, which recalls the jazz sound of Jaco Pastorius / Weather Report. There is very strong songwriting, and after Kilimanjaro Secret Brew from 2009 (with 3rd World Electric) this is another expression of Jonas’ love for Jaco.


  1. Black Days  (5.04)
  2. Tumoro  (6.04)
  3. Acid Rain  (7.16)
  4. Caressing The Moment In Tranquilized Ecstasy  (8.24)
  5. Tears In Blue Rain  (3.18)
  6. Electro Shock Therapy  (8.29)
  7. Too Much Therapy  (8.56)
  8. Strom  (7.35)
  9. The Last One  (5.44)


  • Tomas Bodin – Keyboards
  • Jonas Reingold – Bass, guitars, taurus pedals
  • Felix Lehrmann – Drums