2014 – Kaipa – Sattyg

Another fine album of Hans Lundin and his band. Nothing much has changed, The male and female vocals are still excellent, there are nice folky symphonic melodies and the arrangements are inventive as always. The overall guitar work is tasteful and in fact all instruments are of a very high quality and produced great and well-balanced.

This second version of Kaipa has been recording albums for almost 15 years and they are just going strong and release about one album every two years. In a way, their sound is unique, and every album is a must-buy for anyone who loves this style of music.


  1. A Map of your Secret World  (15:02)
  2. World of the Void  (7:49)
  3. Screwed-upness  (13:06)
  4. Sattyg  (3:13)
  5. A Sky Full of Painters  (14:42)
  6. Unique When We Fall  (5:17)
  7. Without Time – Beyond Time  (9:49)


  • Patrik Lundström – Lead vocals
  • Aleena Gibson – Lead vocals
  • Hans Lundin – Keyboards & vocals
  • Per Nilsson – Electric & acoustic guitars
  • Jonas Reingold – Electric basses
  • Morgan Ågren – Drums


  • Fredrik Lindqvist – Recorders & whistles
  • Elin Rubinsztein – Violin

Also visit their website for more information.