2014 – The Fringe – Do U Tango? (video)

The Fringe is a project of Jonas with Nick D’Virgilio (drums) and Randy McStine (guitar) and they released their self-titled album in 2016. Before releasing this album they played numerous live shows, to get to know each other well and also just for fun. The videos below are from a house concert that they played in November 14, 2014 in NJ Proghouse.

They played several others songs that night, but in particular the Karmakanic songs are added here. The first track is Do U Tango from Wheel Of Life (2004) and the interesting part is that Randy has to play both the guitar and the keyboard solos, simply because there is no keyboardist in this band.

Where Earth Meets The Sky is also from the same album of Karmakanic and the interesting of this version is that the original was sung by Göran Edman. Just watch how they solved this small issue in a GREAT way.