2016 – Karmakanic – Dot

Jonas got his inspiration to start writing DOT when he read a text by famous American author and astronomer Carl Sagan a while ago. Sagan was talking about how small and insignificant we are in this vast universe. He found it fascinating to think that this little dot is all we are and all we’ll ever be. It gives us perspective and he thought perspective is a great tool for making good choices in life.

Göran Edman (vocals), Krister Jonsson (guitar) and Lalle Larsson (keys) join Jonas again on this album.

Morgan Ågren (drums) toured with Karmakanic and recorded the Live In The US in 2012 (released in 2014). Dot is his first studio recording but Jonas and Morgan have known each other for years and recorded a handful of albums with Kaipa in the past decade as well.

Nils Erikson is lead singer on two tracks and he first recorded (and toured) with Karmakanic on In a Perfect World (2012) and Live in the US (2014).

This fifth studio album is essential modern-day prog and simply continues where In A Perfect World left. The 25-minute opener is nothing more than a progrock opera including a heavenly girls choir and numerous mood swings. This song, this album has it all; three songs have Göran Edman as lead singer and his voice is as strong as in his best times (note that Göran has turned 60 in April). His melodic voice just gets better with age.

There are songs with a big sound, catchy and melancholy melodies – darker, metal influenced riffs, jazzy keyboards parts by Lalle Larsson, delightfully odd rhythms, brilliant drumming by Morgan Ågren. Dot is just the best modern prog around at the moment and an excellent addition to any modern-day prog collection. And Jonas himself.. well, he just delivered another crystal clear and above all a well-balanced production. His bass playing is just as always: creative and heartfelt. Eine große Bassmeister, as they would say in Vienna. Five stars!

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  1. Dot / God The Universe And Everything Else No One Really Cares About Part. 1  [24:40]
  2. Higher Ground  [10:11]
  3. Steer By The Stars  [4:22]
  4. Travelling Minds  [5:03]
  5. God The Universe And Everything Else No One Really Cares About Part. 2  [5:58]


  • Göran Edman – Lead vocals (1, 3, 5)
  • Krister Jonsson.- Electric and acoustis guitars
  • Jonas Reingold – Fretted and fretless bass, electric and acoustic guitars, keys, vocals
  • Lalle Larsson – Keyboards, backing vocals
  • Nils Erikson – Lead vocals (2, 4)
  • Morgan Ågren – Drums


  • Andy Tillison – Hammond organ
  • Andy Bartosh – Electric guitars
  • Ray Aichinger – Saxophone, flute
  • Christine Lenk – Vocals
  • Alex Reingold – Vocals
  • Norah Reingold – Vocals

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