2016 – An Endless Sporadic – Magic Machine

This is their second full track album and Zach Kamins (guitar, keyboards) is still the genius behind this project. Their previous release from 2009 was produced by Roine Stolt and Jonas played bass. This time Roine appears on one track and Jonas plays bass on all tracks. Another honorable guest is Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) who appears on two tracks.

Magic Machine contains 10 instrumental tracks, almost 50 mins in total, in a mix of jazzrock, fusion and metal. There are wonderful orchestrations and absolutely breathtaking guitar playing and bass work but also surprising instruments like violin and cello, piccolo and flute, horn and tuba and some more. There is so much diversity and the compositions stay interesting and don’t get boring mainly because the length of each track is between 3 and 5:30 mins, with the exception of Sky Run that lasts for almost 9 mins. The album reminds a little bit of Liquid Tension Experiment, and at times even of Frank Zappa and Mahavishnu Orchestra (Jerry Goodman’s unique violin sound). Just a great and even experimental album where Jonas’ bass playing is simply jaw-dropping – just get this one!

And to quote the words of one of today’s most gifted prog/fusion bass players:

Between you and me, Magic Machine was by far the hardest recording I’ve ever done on bass from a technical point of view, damn, I was sweating !!!!


  1. The Departure [5:54]
  2. Magic Machine [5:04]
  3. Galactic Tactic [3:06]
  4. Finding The Falls [5:35]
  5. The Assembly [5:14]
  6. Agile Descent [4:15]
  7. Sky Run [8:54]
  8. Through The Fog [4:19]
  9. Sea Voyage [2:54]
  10. Impulse II [4:27]


  • Zach Kamins – Guitars, Piano, Synths, Organ, Wurlitzer, Auxiliary Percussion, Banjo, Tuba, Conference Recorder
  • Jonas Reingold – Bass
  • Michael Iago Mellender – Percussion Guitar, Marimba, Glockenspiel, Hand­Hammered Lasagna Warming Trays, Metals, Trumpet, Auxiliary Percussion
  • Navene K(operweis) – Drums


  • Chris Bleth – Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, English Horn, Recorders
  • Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) – Keyboards (7, 8)
  • Roine Stolt – Guitar (9)
  • Amparo Edo Biol – French Horn
  • Aija Mattson – French Horn
  • Paul Cartwright – Violin
  • Mischa Lefkowitz – Violin
  • Matt Cooker – Cello
  • Bradley Dujmovic – Erhu

Read more about An Endless Sporadic at their website and just order the album.