2018 – Roine Stolt’s The Flower King – Manifesto Of An Alchemist

This album is more of a solo album by Roine Stolt than an album by The Flower Kings. The songs are guitar driven and bring strong memories of Yes and sometimes Pink Floyd to the top. Stolt is the guitar maestro and composer who creates interesting layers of music. Although it’s positioned as a solo album the songs are the product of a creative process that only took a couple of months to become complete. Stolt plays all instruments and there are lots of familiar en less-familiar guests as well. Continue reading “2018 – Roine Stolt’s The Flower King – Manifesto Of An Alchemist”

2018 – The Tangent – Proxy

Well over a year after the release of “The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery” Proxy was released. New drummer Steve Roberts (Magenta) slots in perfectly, Luke Machin plays as usual, and guest vocalist Goran Edman adds his great melodics. Most of the album was written on tour and it sounds less fragmented than Slow Rust. What is left from Slow Rust are the political statements and the wonderful compositions. Continue reading “2018 – The Tangent – Proxy”

2018 – Lalle Larsson Trio – Ashen Lights

Lalle Larsson returns with a strong release after his exciting projects Seven Deadly Pieces, Until Never and The Weaveworld Trilogy. He teams up with Jonas on bass and Walle Wahlgren on drums. Walle has worked with Jonas and Lalle before in Agents of Mercy, together with Roine Stolt and Nad Sylvan. This albums takes influences from artists like John Coltrane, Allan Holdsworth and Eric Dolphy who he mentions as his biggest inspirations.

Continue reading “2018 – Lalle Larsson Trio – Ashen Lights”

2017 – Kaipa – Children Of The Sounds

For over 40 years legendary Swedish progressive rockers Kaipa have released great albums with their unique mix of rock, folk and fusion. In September they released their 13th studio album and their first since 2014’s Sattyg. All tracks embody the powerful, positive energy and artistic brilliance that is irresistible and true to the genre’s essence. Continue reading “2017 – Kaipa – Children Of The Sounds”

2017 – The Tangent – The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery

The 9th studio album of Andy Tillison’s The Tangent is full of political statements and stories about social issues, sometimes a bit controversial and possibly divisive. The music is a diverse mix of prog, jazz, funk, punk, techno, ambient, and heavy rock to great effect. Jonas’ bass sounds better and more prominent than ever. He brings his bass to the front and plays lots of interesting lead parts on his bass. Continue reading “2017 – The Tangent – The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery”

2016 – An Endless Sporadic – Magic Machine

This is their second full track album and Zach Kamins (guitar, keyboards) is still the genius behind this project. Their previous release from 2009 was produced by Roine Stolt and Jonas played bass. This time Roine appears on one track and Jonas plays bass on all tracks. Another honorable guest is Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) who appears on two tracks. Continue reading “2016 – An Endless Sporadic – Magic Machine”

2016 – Karmakanic – Dot

Jonas got his inspiration to start writing DOT when he read a text by famous American author and astronomer Carl Sagan a while ago. Sagan was talking about how small and insignificant we are in this vast universe. He found it fascinating to think that this little dot is all we are and all we’ll ever be. It gives us perspective and he thought perspective is a great tool for making good choices in life. Continue reading “2016 – Karmakanic – Dot”

2015 – Nad Sylvan – Courting The Widow

Nad Sylvan recently has been involved with Agents of Mercy, his Swedish Genesis soundscape project Unifaun, and Steve Hackett’s Genesis Revisited tours and releases. His style has been called a perfect marriage of vintage Peter Gabriel & Phil Collins and he brings back fond images of ’70s Genesis to everything he’s been involved with, and this solo album for InsideOut Records, Courting the Widow is no exception. Continue reading “2015 – Nad Sylvan – Courting The Widow”

2014 – Lalle Larsson – Until Never

Until Never is Lalle Larsson’s sixth studio album. In the past decade he has recorded several albums with Jonas for Karmakanic, Agents Of Mercy and a few others. This instrumental album is quite digestible and it’s absolutely not rock, but sometimes you can hear some similarity with symphonic rock in Lalle’s piano playing and in the guitar playing of Dutchman Richard Hallebeek. Continue reading “2014 – Lalle Larsson – Until Never”

2014 – Karmakanic – Live In The US

Karmakanic does not perform live tens of times each year, but when they show up on stage, then their show is simply great and something to look forward too. A live album with the best tracks from their last three albums. It’s a delicious mix of their modern-day progressive rock with interesting keyboard playing, melodic vocals, original guitar arrangements and sometimes delicate jazz flavors. Morgan Ågren is new in the band and he is a real asset. Continue reading “2014 – Karmakanic – Live In The US”