2004 – Time Requiem – The Inner Circle Of Reality

Their second studio album with 50 mins of brilliant flashy progressive rock/metal featuring Swedish keyboardist extraordinaire Richard Andersson, Jonas on bass and Zoltan Csörsz on drums. Andersson’s keyboard has a guitar patch like Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater and he emulates high speed guitar solos. Continue reading “2004 – Time Requiem – The Inner Circle Of Reality”


2002 – Reptilian – Thunderblaze

Second release of this power band. As the title indicates, the songs are more direct and straightforward than their debut album. Less neo-classical pieces, but more song and chorus orientated, eighties influenced songs. Title track Thunderblaze is the best proof of this and some of the other tracks even go more towards melodic rock. Continue reading “2002 – Reptilian – Thunderblaze”

1999 – Reingold – Universe

In 1999 Jonas still had his band ‘Midnight Sun’ but he found that he needed another band to release material that he had written in a different style and in another context. He asked top-vocalist Göran Edman (Malmsteen), drummer Jaime Salazar (Bad Habit) and axeman Marcus Jacobsen to join him. Some years later, this setting would lead to the formation of Karmakanic. Continue reading “1999 – Reingold – Universe”