2018 – The Tangent – Proxy

Well over a year after the release of “The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery” Proxy was released. New drummer Steve Roberts (Magenta) slots in perfectly, Luke Machin plays as usual, and guest vocalist Goran Edman adds his great melodics. Most of the album was written on tour and it sounds less fragmented than Slow Rust. What is left from Slow Rust are the political statements and the wonderful compositions. Continue reading “2018 – The Tangent – Proxy”

2018 – TangeKanic – Hotel Cantaffordit

Tangekanic, the hybrid band featuring members of The Tangent and Karmakanic, who play songs from both bands’ repertoire have released a live “bootleg” style recording of one show recorded at the New Jersey Proghouse in the USA in October 2017. Continue reading “2018 – TangeKanic – Hotel Cantaffordit”

2017 – The Tangent – The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery

The 9th studio album of Andy Tillison’s The Tangent is full of political statements and stories about social issues, sometimes a bit controversial and possibly divisive. The music is a diverse mix of prog, jazz, funk, punk, techno, ambient, and heavy rock to great effect. Jonas’ bass sounds better and more prominent than ever. He brings his bass to the front and plays lots of interesting lead parts on his bass. Continue reading “2017 – The Tangent – The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery”

2013 – The Tangent – Le Sacre Du Travail

At the end of 2012 band leader Andy Tillison said that he had to disband his project The Tangent due to financial and health issues. But nothing is permanent, and everything changes. So, in 2013 he decided to go and work on a concept album because for a long time he wanted to write something in the style of Purple’s Concerto For Group And OrchestraThe Five Bridges Suite (Keith Emerson) or The Snow Goose (Camel). Continue reading “2013 – The Tangent – Le Sacre Du Travail”

2006 – The Tangent – A Place In The Queue

In February 2006 the new Tangent studio album A Place In The Queue was released. Jonas plays on all tracks and his Karmakanic buddies Krister Jonsson and Jaime Salazar are accompanying him. The band had said they wanted to recreate a work on the scale of Tales From Topographic Oceans. This one has got strong songwriting and a great delivery. Continue reading “2006 – The Tangent – A Place In The Queue”

2004 – The Tangent – The World That We Drive Through

Second album of the mix of talents from UK and Sweden. Jonas is joined again with his Flower Kings pals Roine and Zoltan. This one picks up where their first album left off, great compositions, interesting, challenging melodies played by the best musicians in business. Again a full sound, no overplay either too fast or too loud and great sax and flute. Continue reading “2004 – The Tangent – The World That We Drive Through”