2016 – Anderson/Stolt – Invention Of Knowledge

Anderson & Stolt, the brand new duo of legendary Yes vocalist & singer/songwriter Jon Anderson and progressive rock veteran Roine Stolt (Flower Kings/Transatlantic) have released their collaborative album ‘Invention Of Knowledge’. Continue reading “2016 – Anderson/Stolt – Invention Of Knowledge”

2014 – Barracuda Triangle – Electro Shock Therapy

Barracuda Triangle is Tomas Bodin (keyboards), Jonas Reingold (bass/guitars) and Felix Lehrmann (drums), three guys with too much creativity and energy and all are member of The Flower Kings. And Electro Shock Therapy is an all instrumental album that demonstrates their talent very well.. Continue reading “2014 – Barracuda Triangle – Electro Shock Therapy”

2013 – The Flower Kings – Desolation Rose

Just one year after the critically acclaimed Bank Of Eden the Kings released another album: Desolation Rose. Real fans already have been used to the fact that single or double disk albums succeed each other quickly, so this was no surprise. But in the past decade there were numerous side projects for all band members and Roine was working hard with Transatlantic as well. Continue reading “2013 – The Flower Kings – Desolation Rose”

2012 – The Flower Kings – Banks Of Eden

Banks of Eden is the eleventh studio album by The Flower Kings and the first album with drummer Felix Lehrmann. Being the greatest and most original symphonic progressive rock band of the past decades, they manage to remain stylistically consistent with every new album. After their masterpiece The Sum of No Evil (2007) it took five years to release yet another masterpiece. Continue reading “2012 – The Flower Kings – Banks Of Eden”