2006 – Flower Kings – Paradox Hotel

The Kings of prog rock have done it again and with this album they still remained at their lasting peak of creativity! This 2CD contains everything you hoped for, instant classic songs, strong catchy melodies, extremely strong and skillful playing.. Continue reading “2006 – Flower Kings – Paradox Hotel”

2004 – The Flower Kings – Adam & Eve

If there was a prize for most ambitious and, at the same time, the most versatile band on the Prog Rock scene, then The Flower Kings would surely be the front runner for it. Since their 1994 debut, Roine Stolt The Flower King, the Swedish progressive rockers have released a new album almost every year, often even in the form of a double CD with extended playing times and different styles. Continue reading “2004 – The Flower Kings – Adam & Eve”