2018 – Roine Stolt’s The Flower King – Manifesto Of An Alchemist

This album is more of a solo album by Roine Stolt than an album by The Flower Kings. The songs are guitar driven and bring strong memories of Yes and sometimes Pink Floyd to the top. Stolt is the guitar maestro and composer who creates interesting layers of music. Although it’s positioned as a solo album the songs are the product of a creative process that only took a couple of months to become complete. Stolt plays all instruments and there are lots of familiar en less-familiar guests as well. Continue reading “2018 – Roine Stolt’s The Flower King – Manifesto Of An Alchemist”

2013 – The Flower Kings – Desolation Rose

Just one year after the critically acclaimed Bank Of Eden the Kings released another album: Desolation Rose. Real fans already have been used to the fact that single or double disk albums succeed each other quickly, so this was no surprise. But in the past decade there were numerous side projects for all band members and Roine was working hard with Transatlantic as well. Continue reading “2013 – The Flower Kings – Desolation Rose”

2012 – The Flower Kings – Banks Of Eden

Banks of Eden is the eleventh studio album by The Flower Kings and the first album with drummer Felix Lehrmann. Being the greatest and most original symphonic progressive rock band of the past decades, they manage to remain stylistically consistent with every new album. After their masterpiece The Sum of No Evil (2007) it took five years to release yet another masterpiece. Continue reading “2012 – The Flower Kings – Banks Of Eden”

2007 – Flower Kings – Road Back Home

The new 2CD album contains 27 songs, spanning from 1995 to 2006 and the tracks focus on the most accessible, melodic, groovy or shorter tracks. So less fusion and more melody and moody tracks. All tracks are carefully remixed, quite a few have different solos and some have additional backing vocals. There is even one unreleased track, plus the full version of Genesis’ classic Cinema Show. Continue reading “2007 – Flower Kings – Road Back Home”

2007 – Flower Kings – The Sum Of No Evil

Just one year after double album Paradox Hotel this is another masterpiece of the Kings of progressive rock music. Complicated and brilliant compositions, with wonderful nods to the jazzy style of Space Revolver, the positiveness of Stardust We Are, and the melodies of Adam & Eve. Drum master Zoltan Csörsz has returned just for this album, and he simply shines on all tracks. Highly recommended. Continue reading “2007 – Flower Kings – The Sum Of No Evil”

2004 – The Flower Kings – Adam & Eve

If there was a prize for most ambitious and, at the same time, the most versatile band on the Prog Rock scene, then The Flower Kings would surely be the front runner for it. Since their 1994 debut, Roine Stolt The Flower King, the Swedish progressive rockers have released a new album almost every year, often even in the form of a double CD with extended playing times and different styles. Continue reading “2004 – The Flower Kings – Adam & Eve”

2002 – The Flower Kings – Unfold The Future

After Flower Power and Stardust We Are this is another Flower Kings 2CD (over 2 hours of music) and maybe one of their most progressive up to date. And again it’s stuffed with amazingly intricate and tight songs, all thoughtfully written, and performed with great musicianship. This is also the debut of new drummer Zoltan Csörsz, who is simply great. Continue reading “2002 – The Flower Kings – Unfold The Future”

2001 – The Flower Kings – Rainmaker

This is another stellar recording by The Flower Kings and the final appearance as a Flower King of drummer Jaime Salazar. All musicians play the hell out of their instruments and focus on song writing and melodies. This album is a bit more serious and accessible, even more elegant and majestic, than their former albums but it’s still incredibly intricate, straight forward and tightly played. Continue reading “2001 – The Flower Kings – Rainmaker”

2000 – The Flower Kings – Space Revolver

The Flower Kings’ music typically takes awhile to get into. Sometimes progressive music is easily accessible and it becomes more engaging as you pick up the wonderful nuances of each song. Not so with Flower Kings. While it has it’s catchy moments, you can’t really appreciate this one until you spend a lot of time listening to it. There is so much in each song.  Continue reading “2000 – The Flower Kings – Space Revolver”