2005-2011 Bad Habit

Hal Marabel (guitars / keyboards) founded Bad Habit in 1986 in Lund (near Malmö, Sweden). They created 7 albums between 1988 and 2011 and their style is a mix of 1980’s hardrock and AOR. Their main influences came from bands like Journey, Toto, VanHalen and Boston but also from other genres such as blues and classical music. Continue reading “2005-2011 Bad Habit”

2008 – Sven Cirnski’s Truth – Machine

Jonas knew Sven Cirnski from Pete Sandberg’s album Push and his recording and production work for Bad Habit. So Jonas was asked by Sven to lend a hand for his first solo album Machine. Jonas also plays bass on some tracks and Jaime Salazar (drums) is well-known because of his cooperation with Jonas in The Flower Kings, Karmakanic, Tangent, Midnight Sun and some others. Continue reading “2008 – Sven Cirnski’s Truth – Machine”

2007 – Flower Kings – Road Back Home

The new 2CD album contains 27 songs, spanning from 1995 to 2006 and the tracks focus on the most accessible, melodic, groovy or shorter tracks. So less fusion and more melody and moody tracks. All tracks are carefully remixed, quite a few have different solos and some have additional backing vocals. There is even one unreleased track, plus the full version of Genesis’ classic Cinema Show. Continue reading “2007 – Flower Kings – Road Back Home”

2006 – The Tangent – A Place In The Queue

In February 2006 the new Tangent studio album A Place In The Queue was released. Jonas plays on all tracks and his Karmakanic buddies Krister Jonsson and Jaime Salazar are accompanying him. The band had said they wanted to recreate a work on the scale of Tales From Topographic Oceans. This one has got strong songwriting and a great delivery. Continue reading “2006 – The Tangent – A Place In The Queue”

2001 – The Flower Kings – Rainmaker

This is another stellar recording by The Flower Kings and the final appearance as a Flower King of drummer Jaime Salazar. All musicians play the hell out of their instruments and focus on song writing and melodies. This album is a bit more serious and accessible, even more elegant and majestic, than their former albums but it’s still incredibly intricate, straight forward and tightly played. Continue reading “2001 – The Flower Kings – Rainmaker”

2000 – The Flower Kings – Space Revolver

The Flower Kings’ music typically takes awhile to get into. Sometimes progressive music is easily accessible and it becomes more engaging as you pick up the wonderful nuances of each song. Not so with Flower Kings. While it has it’s catchy moments, you can’t really appreciate this one until you spend a lot of time listening to it. There is so much in each song.  Continue reading “2000 – The Flower Kings – Space Revolver”

1999 – Reingold – Universe

In 1999 Jonas still had his band ‘Midnight Sun’ but he found that he needed another band to release material that he had written in a different style and in another context. He asked top-vocalist Göran Edman (Malmsteen), drummer Jaime Salazar (Bad Habit) and axeman Marcus Jacobsen to join him. Some years later, this setting would lead to the formation of Karmakanic. Continue reading “1999 – Reingold – Universe”