2005 – Tomas Bodin – I Am

Another solo album of ‘Mr Flower Keys’. 60 mins of excellent song oriented tracks with great vocals of swedish Anders Jansson. The lyrics are very personal, the music is a fine mix of jazzy laid back, epic prog opera, spacey folk and symfo pop, influenced by Floyd “The Wall”, Gillan’s Jesus Christ Superstar and Bowie ‘Stardust’. Jonas plays on all tracks. Continue reading “2005 – Tomas Bodin – I Am”

2003 – Tomas Bodin – Sonic Boulevard

Tomas’ follow up to his successful solo-album Pinup Guru. His trademark progrock keys are evident but this time jazz fusion makes a much stronger presence. At times you even think of bands like Return To Forever. The songs are very tasteful and there are vocals without lyrics. Continue reading “2003 – Tomas Bodin – Sonic Boulevard”