2008 – Tomas Bodin – Cinematograaf

A new fascinating concept album by Flower Kings keyboardist Bodin on which he plays with sounds and structures of cinema/movie music. In fact Tomas has had a long career in writing music for cinema and movies and his previous releases also has tended to focus on a different aspect of his broad musical inspirations. This album is made up of three long instrumental tracks joined together with all manner of weather sound effects. Jonas plays bass on all tracks. Continue reading “2008 – Tomas Bodin – Cinematograaf”


2004 – Pete Sandberg – Reflections

Jonas plays bass on some tracks of Pete Sandberg’s third solo album – which has been described as “a very acoustic album accompanied by the Copenhagen String Orchestra”. Sandberg is a long-time friend of Jonas and he sang on three Midnight Sun albums and in Opus Atlantica. Continue reading “2004 – Pete Sandberg – Reflections”