2018 – Lalle Larsson Trio – Ashen Lights

Lalle Larsson returns with a strong release after his exciting projects Seven Deadly Pieces, Until Never and The Weaveworld Trilogy. He teams up with Jonas on bass and Walle Wahlgren on drums. Walle has worked with Jonas and Lalle before in Agents of Mercy, together with Roine Stolt and Nad Sylvan. This albums takes influences from artists like John Coltrane, Allan Holdsworth and Eric Dolphy who he mentions as his biggest inspirations.

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2016 – Karmakanic – Dot

Jonas got his inspiration to start writing DOT when he read a text by famous American author and astronomer Carl Sagan a while ago. Sagan was talking about how small and insignificant we are in this vast universe. He found it fascinating to think that this little dot is all we are and all we’ll ever be. It gives us perspective and he thought perspective is a great tool for making good choices in life. Continue reading “2016 – Karmakanic – Dot”

2014 – Lalle Larsson – Until Never

Until Never is Lalle Larsson’s sixth studio album. In the past decade he has recorded several albums with Jonas for Karmakanic, Agents Of Mercy and a few others. This instrumental album is quite digestible and it’s absolutely not rock, but sometimes you can hear some similarity with symphonic rock in Lalle’s piano playing and in the guitar playing of Dutchman Richard Hallebeek. Continue reading “2014 – Lalle Larsson – Until Never”

2014 – Karmakanic – Live In The US

Karmakanic does not perform live tens of times each year, but when they show up on stage, then their show is simply great and something to look forward too. A live album with the best tracks from their last three albums. It’s a delicious mix of their modern-day progressive rock with interesting keyboard playing, melodic vocals, original guitar arrangements and sometimes delicate jazz flavors. Morgan Ågren is new in the band and he is a real asset. Continue reading “2014 – Karmakanic – Live In The US”

2012 – Lalle Larsson’s Weaveworld – Nightscapes

The Weaveworld Trilogy was written as an instrumental suite of three superbly played instrumental albums with the same concept and the same band. Nightscapes is the third and final album in this trilogy. The music is progressive rock, solidly rooted in premeditated jazz-rock and it shows the genious of Lalle Larsson and his compositional skills and playing qualities. He proves that he is probably the world’s best and most versatile keyboard player. Continue reading “2012 – Lalle Larsson’s Weaveworld – Nightscapes”

2011 – Agents Of Mercy – The Black Forest

The third album of AoM is about the dark side of life and people. Around this time Stolt’s father had died and it seems that this inspired him a lot. In Kingdom Of Heaven Roine just sings one line: “No more fears, no more tears?” which could refer to his father’s death. His guitar playing in this song is also very sensitive and intimite. Continue reading “2011 – Agents Of Mercy – The Black Forest”

2010 – Lalle Larsson’s Weaveworld – Infinity Of Worlds

The second album in the trilogy of Weaveworld. Another superb blend of keyboard based jazz and melodic progressive rock, embellished with a tad bit of metal influences is producing a wonderful set of beautiful fully instrumental compositions. Lalle Larsson is the glorious keyboard virtuoso but guitar players Richard Hallebeek and Stefan Rosquist. Instrumental progrock albums are usually boring, but not this one! Continue reading “2010 – Lalle Larsson’s Weaveworld – Infinity Of Worlds”

2010 – Karmakanic and Agents of Mercy – Live USA

The Power of Two was a joint-venture between Karmakanic and Agents Of Mercy in 2009. Why would two forces in music work seperately while it’s more powerful to work together? In Autum 2009 both bands went on tour in Europe and USA playing two different repertoires performed by one single group. This live album has been recorded during the shows in the USA and represents the finest songs from both bands. Continue reading “2010 – Karmakanic and Agents of Mercy – Live USA”

2009 – Lalle Larsson’s Weaveworld

Weaveworld is the brainchild of Swedish keyboard virtuoso Lalle Larsson. An emotive soundscape of dark symphonic classical music, heartfelt romanticism within a framework of progrock and heavy rock. Weaveworld was produced by Jonas and offers a startingly original, high octane union of adventurous compositions and hard hitting production values. Continue reading “2009 – Lalle Larsson’s Weaveworld”

2009 – 3rd World Electric – Kilimanjaro Secret Brew

Kilimanjaro Secret Brew was the first album of 3rd World Electric; a fusion project of Jonas and Roine Stolt. The other band members are Lalle Larson and Zoltan Czörsz but also Karl-Martin Almqvist on sax, Ayi Solomon on percussion and Dave Weckl on drums. Some of the bands that have influenced Jonas and Roine here, are early Weather Report, Return To Forever and Mahavishnu Orchestra. Continue reading “2009 – 3rd World Electric – Kilimanjaro Secret Brew”

2008 – Karmakanic – Who’s The Boss In The Factory

Happy, intelligent, positive and melodic progressive rock that can compete with the best albums around. Virtuous soloing, wonderful vocals and backing, solid and complex Csörsz/Reingold rhythms. But also melancholy and some dark and moody parts, this album has it all again. The two-part song Eternally is straight from Jonas’ heart and is about the recent death of his parents. His sad sad feelings are reflected so heartbreakingly. Continue reading “2008 – Karmakanic – Who’s The Boss In The Factory”

2008 – Lalle Larsson – Seven Deadly Pieces DVD

This DVD is a concert for chamber orchestra and electric guitars in seven movements, based on the seven deadly sins. It was recorded and in Helsingborg, Sweden in October 2002 with help from members of the metal band Darkane. this magical live event is presented as seven differently themed videos reflecting the traits of each sin. Jonas does not perform, only in the bonus material with Karmakanic. Continue reading “2008 – Lalle Larsson – Seven Deadly Pieces DVD”