2002 – Reptilian – Thunderblaze

Second release of this power band. As the title indicates, the songs are more direct and straightforward than their debut album. Less neo-classical pieces, but more song and chorus orientated, eighties influenced songs. Title track Thunderblaze is the best proof of this and some of the other tracks even go more towards melodic rock. Continue reading “2002 – Reptilian – Thunderblaze”

2001 – Reptilian – Castle Of Yesterday

Quite a nice new band. Founders Jonas Blum and Joel Linder played and recorded with the band “Majestic” just one year earlier. Jonas Reingold also played bass. Keyboard player Thomas Blum is the brother of the vocalist. The performances of the musicians are of a high quality, and quite technical and rather neo-classic rock. Continue reading “2001 – Reptilian – Castle Of Yesterday”