2017 – The Tangent – The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery

The 9th studio album of Andy Tillison’s The Tangent is full of political statements and stories about social issues, sometimes a bit controversial and possibly divisive. The music is a diverse mix of prog, jazz, funk, punk, techno, ambient, and heavy rock to great effect. Jonas’ bass sounds better and more prominent than ever. He brings his bass to the front and plays lots of interesting lead parts on his bass. Continue reading “2017 – The Tangent – The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery”


2015 – The Tangent – A Spark In the Aether

A Spark In The Aether is the sequel to The Music That Died Alone, their legendary 2003 debut album with Flower Kings guitar player Roine Stolt and their rhythm section Jonas Reingold (bass) and Zoltan Csörsz (drums). And this release is just a masterpiece with the backbone of Karmakanic and Kaipa: Morgan Ågren and Jonas Reingold. Continue reading “2015 – The Tangent – A Spark In the Aether”