2011 – Karmakanic – In A Perfect World

The fourth Karmakanic album with again evident Flower Kings reminiscences, but also with noticeable Yes influence in several parts, mostly for the vocals and bass sound. Another pure symphonic progressive rock release of the highest level. Be ready for this seven-track album and enjoy almost one hour of this first-class Swedish music. Continue reading “2011 – Karmakanic – In A Perfect World”

2008 – Tomas Bodin – Cinematograaf

A new fascinating concept album by Flower Kings keyboardist Bodin on which he plays with sounds and structures of cinema/movie music. In fact Tomas has had a long career in writing music for cinema and movies and his previous releases also has tended to focus on a different aspect of his broad musical inspirations. This album is made up of three long instrumental tracks joined together with all manner of weather sound effects. Jonas plays bass on all tracks. Continue reading “2008 – Tomas Bodin – Cinematograaf”

2007 – Flower Kings – Road Back Home

The new 2CD album contains 27 songs, spanning from 1995 to 2006 and the tracks focus on the most accessible, melodic, groovy or shorter tracks. So less fusion and more melody and moody tracks. All tracks are carefully remixed, quite a few have different solos and some have additional backing vocals. There is even one unreleased track, plus the full version of Genesis’ classic Cinema Show. Continue reading “2007 – Flower Kings – Road Back Home”

2005 – Tomas Bodin – I Am

Another solo album of ‘Mr Flower Keys’. 60 mins of excellent song oriented tracks with great vocals of swedish Anders Jansson. The lyrics are very personal, the music is a fine mix of jazzy laid back, epic prog opera, spacey folk and symfo pop, influenced by Floyd “The Wall”, Gillan’s Jesus Christ Superstar and Bowie ‘Stardust’. Jonas plays on all tracks. Continue reading “2005 – Tomas Bodin – I Am”