2001 – Midnight Sun – Metal Machine

Fourth (and last) album. Magnus Karlsson is still a virtuoso on his guitar, the rhythm section of Jaime and Jonas is amazing to the extreme. Richard Andersson already has set his reputation as a real keyboard wizard but new vocalist Samuel is maybe the weakest link of this power band. The music is complex and great. Continue reading “2001 – Midnight Sun – Metal Machine”

1999 – Midnight Sun – Nemesis

Their third album has 14 tracks of melodic, progressive and classic rock and metal songs, produced by Jonas Reingold and Anders Theander. On this album Jonas teamed up with Jaime Salazar and guitar virtuoso Magnus Karlsson. Jonas’ long-time friends Pete Sandberg and Jaime Salazar were also present. Continue reading “1999 – Midnight Sun – Nemesis”