2017 – Kaipa – Children Of The Sounds

For over 40 years legendary Swedish progressive rockers Kaipa have released great albums with their unique mix of rock, folk and fusion. In September they released their 13th studio album and their first since 2014’s Sattyg. All tracks embody the powerful, positive energy and artistic brilliance that is irresistible and true to the genre’s essence. Continue reading “2017 – Kaipa – Children Of The Sounds”


2016 – Karmakanic – Dot

Jonas got his inspiration to start writing DOT when he read a text by famous American author and astronomer Carl Sagan a while ago. Sagan was talking about how small and insignificant we are in this vast universe. He found it fascinating to think that this little dot is all we are and all we’ll ever be. It gives us perspective and he thought perspective is a great tool for making good choices in life. Continue reading “2016 – Karmakanic – Dot”

2014 – Karmakanic – Live In The US

Karmakanic does not perform live tens of times each year, but when they show up on stage, then their show is simply great and something to look forward too. A live album with the best tracks from their last three albums. It’s a delicious mix of their modern-day progressive rock with interesting keyboard playing, melodic vocals, original guitar arrangements and sometimes delicate jazz flavors. Morgan Ågren is new in the band and he is a real asset. Continue reading “2014 – Karmakanic – Live In The US”

2010 Kaipa – In The Wake Of Evolution

The 10th album of Kaipa continues where number 9 has left but adds a little extra. Stronger compositions and melodies, the singing is stronger overall and guitarist Per Nilsson has grown and shows how to lay down tasteful melodies. Mastermind Hans Lundin is still at the height of his powers and Jonas still does his wonderful job as always and cements all parts to a whole. This is a breathtaking journey and truly a highlight of 2010. Continue reading “2010 Kaipa – In The Wake Of Evolution”

2007 – Kaipa – Angling Feelings

Angling Feelings is the ninth studio release of Kaipa and their fourth in their ‘second life’. It’s also the first one without guitar player Roine Stolt (Flower Kings). Jonas plays bass on all tracks. New guitar player Per Nilsson (from metalband Scar Symmetry) throws in some slow and fast notes but does not add anything new to Stolt’s tasteful guitar playing. Continue reading “2007 – Kaipa – Angling Feelings”

2003 – Kaipa – Keyholder

Second album of the new Kaipa in the same line-up. It has got a slightly harder edge than ‘Notes From The Past’ but there’s still this Yes/Flower Kings tastefulness in every tune. One of the nicest statements is “This is progressive rock for the ages brought to you buy two of the geniuses still making music with meaning and substance: Roine Stolt and Hans Lundin.” Continue reading “2003 – Kaipa – Keyholder”