2004 – Time Requiem – The Inner Circle Of Reality

Their second studio album with 50 mins of brilliant flashy progressive rock/metal featuring Swedish keyboardist extraordinaire Richard Andersson, Jonas on bass and Zoltan Csörsz on drums. Andersson’s keyboard has a guitar patch like Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater and he emulates high speed guitar solos. Continue reading “2004 – Time Requiem – The Inner Circle Of Reality”

2004 – Karmakanic – Wheel Of Life

Second album of Jonas’ band and an excellent addition to any prog music collection. With top vocalist Göran Edman, Zoltan Csörsz on drums and ‘newcomer’ Krister Jonsson on guitar. 65 mins of brilliant compositions and superb playing. Yet another new creative chapter in Jonas’ composing and recording career. Continue reading “2004 – Karmakanic – Wheel Of Life”