2005-2011 Bad Habit

Hal Marabel (guitars / keyboards) founded Bad Habit in 1986 in Lund (near Malmö, Sweden). They created 7 albums between 1988 and 2011 and their style is a mix of 1980’s hardrock and AOR. Their main influences came from bands like Journey, Toto, VanHalen and Boston but also from other genres such as blues and classical music. Continue reading “2005-2011 Bad Habit”


2008 – Karmakanic – Who’s The Boss In The Factory

Happy, intelligent, positive and melodic progressive rock that can compete with the best albums around. Virtuous soloing, wonderful vocals and backing, solid and complex Csörsz/Reingold rhythms. But also melancholy and some dark and moody parts, this album has it all again. The two-part song Eternally is straight from Jonas’ heart and is about the recent death of his parents. His sad sad feelings are reflected so heartbreakingly. Continue reading “2008 – Karmakanic – Who’s The Boss In The Factory”

2008 – Sven Cirnski’s Truth – Machine

Jonas knew Sven Cirnski from Pete Sandberg’s album Push and his recording and production work for Bad Habit. So Jonas was asked by Sven to lend a hand for his first solo album Machine. Jonas also plays bass on some tracks and Jaime Salazar (drums) is well-known because of his cooperation with Jonas in The Flower Kings, Karmakanic, Tangent, Midnight Sun and some others. Continue reading “2008 – Sven Cirnski’s Truth – Machine”